25 April 2009


English reading people in the world - 300,000,000
People who read me - 3
People who write criticisms of me - 4

– John Masefield: Letters to Reyna (1983, p.197).


I should like to acknowledge the assistance of Professor D. I. B. Smith (who deserves all of the credit and none of the blame!). Also of my brother K. M. Ross, who read this work in manuscript and proof, and made many valuable suggestions. Also of my mother, and the rest of my family, who advised me on points of detail. Also of my typist, Hilary Elvidge, who managed to decipher my somewhat deceptive handwriting. Also – and finally – of the Interloan Department of Auckland University Library, without whom this thesis would not have been possible at all.

Table of Contents



  • CHAPTER 1: The Novel in 1908

    1. The Edwardian Context
    2. Selected Examples

  • CHAPTER 2: Masefield – Verse vs. Prose

  • CHAPTER 3: Captain Margaret

    1. The Novel
    2. Masefield
    3. Conclusion

  • CHAPTER 4: Two Novels of Contemporary Life

    1. Multitude and Solitude
    2. The Street of To-day

  • CHAPTER 5: Boys' Books

    1. Martin Hyde
    2. A Book of Discoveries
    3. Lost Endeavour
    4. Jim Davis



    1. Major Works of John Masefield
    2. Selected Works about Masefield
    3. Other Material Consulted

[John Masefield: Sea Life in Nelson's Time (1905 {1984})]

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